Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Walk on this

Well, hello again.  Just a short update on another mile stone.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday clearing everything out and using the belt sander to wear out an 80 grit belt on the floor.  Construction plywood is rough!

I just needed to do enough to get the floor nice and clean.

I spent a little extra time evening out some little of the small discrepancies where the plywood met at the edges.  Construction plywood is rough!

So, I got up this morning, with a wonderful forecast from the weather guessers (and they were right) and did another clean up and ran the shop vac across the floor.  I got the painting implements out and grabbed the can of paint I got from Sill's Home Hardware in town (one of my favourite stores, just because of the people that work there).

No need to prime horizontal surfaces, so I took a brush and cut in all around the room and made sure the perimeter edges and cracks in the wood got a good coat.  Construction plywood is rough.  

After that it was just rolling it out.  I did one coat, and it says 4 hours to dry to the touch, but the beautiful weather was perfect for painting and within an hour you could walk on it.  The plywood really soaked it up.  Construction plywood is rough.

I used about 3/4 of the can on the first coat, so after a few hours I used up the rest, putting a second coat over as far as it would go, just a little short of the whole thing.  I think it is going to make sweeping up a lot easier and I am also happy I took the time with the tape measure when I screwed down the floor.  I have just crossed the milestone that allows me to start moving some stuff in.  At least enough to build the doors.  I guess they will be the first "official" project of the new shop.  What do you think?  Maybe do a video of that?

They call the colour Silver Grey, I call it neat and clean looking.

That's if for today.

Thanks for dropping in!

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