Thursday, June 18, 2015

Put a lid on it!


I am exhausted and didn't do half the work the other guys did.  I almost fell asleep on the couch so I took a hot shower to ease up the aches.  It was a short day and the roof is all done.  I had one of the guys take my camera up to get a couple of shots when it was getting close to done.

Curiosity got the best of me a few times and I had to check things out.  So I went part way up to peek.  My other hand has a death grip on the ladder.

Despite being a short day, we fed the guys lunch.  This was the second meal inside the shop, it was a lot shadier today with the roof on.

After a long leisurely lunch they did the last bits of work, installing the ridge vent.

After tacking it and stretching it straight, they put the ridge shingle over top.  I was able to help with that part.  I cut all the shingles for the ridge.  I did cut the sheathing on the ground too.  The guys would call out the measurements and I would do the cutting.  Those guys worked really hard and I am really happy with my new roof.

That is another huge step completed.  I really like the space inside, it has a good vibe.  It is going to feel a lot smaller once I move every thing in.  It will be cluttered for a while too.  I have to build storage in time.  For now, I am taking the rest of the day off. 

Thanks for dropping in!

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