Friday, June 05, 2015

Some leftover jobs

Kind of a slow day today,  I just puttered around and did a few odd jobs left over from yesterday.  I went to the lumber store and I got those 20 studs, and I bought the house wrap too.  I made up a lintel for the last wall and got all the framing together and in place.  I also installed the second top plate, cut out the window openings and threw in a few cripple studs over the windows.  I keep looking at it, wondering if it is real.

I am really happy I put a window in the back wall.  I enjoyed it in the old shed.  It is a nice view down the river.

While the view out the main windows is a little grown in right now, the branches will be a lot higher in a very short time.  It will be great to look up from my bench and catch what is going on out the windows.

They do not face directly north, more like north east.  So I will get a nice soft light through them for most of the day.  The sun hits them at first light, but it is a shady area.

I just came back from the hardware store, my mini scaffold came in.  It will be much better to stand on than a ladder when doing the rafters, insulation, lights, interior sheathing ....... (oh my, there is still a long way to go!)

Thanks for dropping by!

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