Saturday, June 06, 2015

It's a box!

Just a little more sheathing up today.  That closes the walls in.  It is always the way with anyone who makes things from wood.  Much of it comes down to making boxes.  Dressers, chests, cabinets, wardrobes, side tables, on and on and on.  It is all boxes....I am making a big one, to make smaller ones in!

I also dug out the portable wheelchair ramp leftover from when Chris was still with us.  It was a very odd feeling installing it.  It is not going to be permanent, but until I get to making the little porch on front, which could be quite a while, it is ideal.  

Last week I ordered a mini scaffold and it came in too.  Another item that will make things a little easier.  

So, with all that done, I am waiting for help to do the top of the box.  I will likely find something I can do on my own though.  I am still getting a big kick out of seeing the progress.

Thanks for dropping in!

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