Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rafters in

I puttered around a bit today, yet another trip to Rona to pick up a few more studs and the drip edge for the roof.

I needed a few more 2 x 4's to make the ladders that create the overhang on each gable end.  I had the thought that maybe I ought to make them while I had some rafters on the ground that I could use as a template.  After I got everything cut it didn't take long to nail them together.

The last 8 rafters went in with out a lot of fuss.  I had Sally help me as I had to put some up in pairs to work around the ridge beam splice, and the last two had to go up together as there is not enough room to swing the last one in place if the second (third?) last one was installed.  We got through it with minimum of fanfare.  A half days work or so, but I am all done in again.  Time for a beer I think.

From the inside you are really getting a sense of the space now.  You can see the ladders leaning against the walls.

I am also re reconsidering cutting the tails of the rafters shorter to make a smaller overhang.  They line up so nice I don't think I want to mess with them.

So, the next jobs are:
  Putting up the ladders on the gable ends
  Sheathing the gable ends, and
  The fascia
  Sheathing, drip edge, ice/water shield, shingles

  I am now waiting for my neighbour's help.  He is busy for a few days, but will make the time to come and do the roof next week.  I am just going to hire him outright and pay him real money for the job as I will be next to useless doing it.  Naturally I will find some little details and prep work in the mean time, but the next post I hope to have a complete roof over my head. 

 I really have to get some serious down time in though, I am what we used to call "a hurtin' unit" right now.  So off for some beer and some R&R for me.

Thanks for dropping in!

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