Friday, July 10, 2015

Watching paint dry

Well, I have not been totally idle for the last little while.  Some yard work and a few odd tiny jobs on the shop have been done.  I finally went and bought some 1/2" exterior plywood for the soffit.

I first measured out what I needed and I also marked where all the rafters come over the walls.

Then I swung the saw into the middle of the shop and put in a new zero clearance insert I made along with a micro splitter.

It turns out the first piece can use the full 8' length, so I just ripped the ply to 11 1/2" to fit.  I checked at the local hardware store and found some opaque stain in the mistint section for 1/2 price.  I guess that answers the question on trim colour.

When I get a large can of paint that I will be dispensing from more than once, I like to put a few holes in the rim so the paint will drip back into the can after pouring.  It saves the mess that gets into the groove where the lid goes.

The colour is an off white/cream and after setting up a work area I started rolling it on.

It is an oil based stain that calls for 24 hours between coats, so after not much work I have to wait.  I will be putting a second coat on today and that will be another short day of work.

The job takes up a lot of space, but easier to do it first and then put it up than trying to do it overhead and not get it on anything else.  I will be getting some vents to put in it after it is up though.  Just to get the spacing nice.

It ought to look nice and I will use the same stuff for the door and window trim.  If I have enough left over, it may to the ceiling inside too!  I haven't made up my mind yet.  

So, slow progress, but we are taking it easy (for a change) and getting things done.

Thanks for dropping by!

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