Monday, July 06, 2015

Still kicking

I have not been posting much, but that is because I have not been doing much.   A few little details here and there but for the most part my time has been used up on yard work and projects, cleaning up and such and I finally got around to washing the car.

You could say that I am taking a well deserved breather.  The heat of summer is with us now and life in general has slowed.  I am casually looking for an electrician to guide my way through some of the electrical work, but who wants to be digging a trench in this heat?  I have almost all I need for the job.

The soffit work is just about prepared, I just have to go get some plywood to close them in and some vents for the plywood.  I want to cut them and have them painted before installing.  It won't be a big job, but it will keep the bugs out!  I am just waiting on a friend to get a few spare minutes so he can hook up his trailer and take me to the lumber store to get the plywood.

Until that happens......I am being lazy and enjoying it.  I may even go lounge in the pool with a beer.  I hope you are all having a great summer!  Don't be complaining about the heat (at least in Canada), there is no snow to shovel!

Thanks for dropping in!

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