Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day, and, getting organized.

Hi there.  Just a series of photos to show how the shop is progressing.  Some of it is still temporary as I am not going to be making built in storage until after the walls are done.  I am refining where I want to put the outlets and work flow.  This is the third time arranging things, and no doubt there will be more.

The hand tool area is starting to come along.  I like that I can just take everything down and put the same back board up on the finished wall and have a place for everything.

I built a quick clamp rack and attached it to the door.  It needs improving and a bit of modification, but it gets them out of the way.  The tote on the floor is headed out for a yard sale.

The view coming in the door is getting better.

A shelf full of power tools and the sheet goods (for the walls) to the left of it.  The shelf will eventually be replaced with a cabinet.  Same with the shelf on the other side of the table.

The mitre saw, on its stand with the legs folded.  It suffered some damage and needs repairs from being out in the tent.  The cabinet holds all kinds of odds and ends.  The tote, cooler, and boxes need a better home, but stock goes over top of them when using the saw.  OK for now.  A bit of quick storage overhead from stuff I had on hand for all kinds of stuff gets it off the floor.

The jointer and planer sits nicely in the corner, the compressor is further into the corner, and some wood storage between the studs and on the floor.

A nice place for the saw, with the saw benches beside it.

So there you have it.  Much more work to do, but now I have a place to do it in.  I am waiting on a lead on an electrician and in the mean time have to close in around the door.  Then I can finish putting up the typar building paper on the outside.  I also have the eaves to do and I am thinking of just closing them in with 1/2" plywood with vents installed on it.  I will keep you posted!

Thanks for dropping by!

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