Saturday, July 18, 2015

Preparing trim

Work seems to be going at a glacial pace, but that's OK.  We are in the heat and humidity of the summer now and I don't mind not working hard at all.  But that doesn't mean it stops.  I did some measuring and some rough calculating for my trim today.  I had to go get some nails for the siding and while I was at it I picked up 10 pieces of 1 x 6 spruce, each 8' long.  Just cheap old strapping/construction grade stuff.  I decided I better get started on giving it some protection, so out came the brush and I opened the can of stain I used on the soffit.  It took a while and between that and the siding sitting in the shop, plus all the yard sale stuff, I don't have much room in there.

I got the first coat on it none the less.  

Somehow in my mind I had it that the siding went on first, then the trim over top of it.  That is kind of backwards to what I am understanding now.  I put the trim on first, then the siding goes to it.  Like you do with vinyl siding.  I had better be accurate with my cuts on the siding I guess!  There will be some other trim that goes over top of the siding, but I have to do the window and door trim first, then the siding, then the rest of the trim.

By the time I was done putting on that coat of stain, my shirt was just about soaked.  It is warm and humid, so that is enough for today.  It is supposed to dry 24 hours between coats, making sure I don't over exert myself.  It doesn't take much to get me to stop today!

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