Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A bit more trim

Up and at it again.

Now that I have figured out how to fix my oversight, I can keep going on a bit more trim.  On the bank of 3 windows I measured and cut the top piece and installed it with no problems other than me having to use a ladder and, of course, the sound of things falling off the walls in the shop as I hammered.

I then took the pieces for between the windows and applied some silicone to the edge.

I slid that up between the window to the top piece of trim and nailed it in place.  Then installed the bottom trim, again with a bit of silicone where the trim meets.

With the top of the trim tucked that close to the eave, I don't think I will need a drip edge in there.  The frieze board will take up the space.

Then it was time to do the back window.  It was a bit easier not having to contend with the width and spaces of multiple windows.  So, on went a board on each side, top and bottom.

At this point I just could not help myself.  Despite still being tacky from the second coat of stain I put on earlier in the morning, I put up the medallions in the corners and got the whole works caulked and done.  That means I can take the blue tape off the screen, which I am using as an indicator of completeness.  I think it looks fantastic!

I put a few more sheets of siding up today too, and now I need the drip edge for over this window to continue.  So a bit of progress, but it really makes a difference in looks.

Until next time...

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