Sunday, July 12, 2015

Easy Sunday

Sunday mornings for me are for watching car shows.  I'm still a bit of a gear head.  When that was done I wandered out and put in the last 4 vents.  It didn't take long, so I figured I would see how the siding went up.  Not too bad as it turns out.  Being only 3/8" thick, it is a bit wavy, but flattens against the wall nicely as you nail it down.  The first one was the hardest and I had lots of help from Sally on the level and guiding eye.  The sheets are a bit long, so snapping a chalk line and lopping off about 1 1/2" off the bottom is in the plan.  I am also going to put a trim piece on top, so I am not worried in the least about the top edges meeting nice.  As long as I keep all the sheets vertical I will be in good shape.  The colour debate debate continues.  I guess if I see something on sale, that is what it will be.

As far as the rest of the day.  Well, a guy has to kick back every once in a while, and the weather is perfect for just that and....

Now I know they caution about drinking and boating, so, a designated driver is always on hand.  Not that we are going any where.

I am puttering along at an easy pace now.  Trying not to push too hard.  Slow and steady!

Thanks for dropping in!

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