Sunday, December 27, 2015

Recovery time

  Whew, what a wonderful holiday.  I hope yours was as nice.  Family and friends, food and fun.  It has been a long time since my son, daughter, and I were all together at once.  Logistics worked in our favour this year and we got to spend Christmas eve together.  We had our big turkey dinner and opened presents, talked a lot and enjoyed each others company.  Being together made it extra special.

It is all done now.  The tree is down and things have been cleaned up and re arranged.  Quiet has once again descended into out lives and things are getting back to normal.  I was going to go to the shop today and start work on getting the table for the mitre saw project started, but I edited video instead.

I have the second instalment of the essential oil cabinet done and it takes us through some of the joinery for the shelves.  I am not totally happy with it, but it is another step along the way in learning to make videos.

Perhaps tomorrow I will get out to the shop and get the casters changed on the table saw.  It is the first step in the mitre saw project.  I picked them up at KW Surplus for just under $12 each.  I bought 4 even though there is already 2 locking swivel casters on the saw.  I figured what good is 2 casters left over, and it's always better to have a complete set the same on the equipment.  Besides that, I will have the casters from the table saw to make a mobile base for the jointer.  One thing leads to another.  This whole project started out by me filling out a survey for Bosch and winning the saw.  Oh, I must tell you that Jim over at Bosch got the new part that UPS damaged in shipping to me.  I am really impressed by how they treat people, and they are making me a fan.

So, on to the video.  My first attempts at housing dados (stopped dados).  I saw Paul Sellers doing it, so that is where the influence came from.  It took a long time to get them done and you can tell the different days by what I am wearing.  Some days a jacket, some a coat, some a pull over.  The heater makes a bit of hiss in the background, I hope the music detracts from that.  Not my favourite piece of music, but it was just the right length.

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