Monday, December 21, 2015

As ready as I'm going to be

All the Christmas shopping is done now.  I am really excited.  My son and daughter are both going to be here on Christmas eve.  It is not often that we are all together, what with busy life styles and distances, so this is very special.  The gifts are wrapped and under the tree.  We went out and got a real tree this year.

I managed to get the first video of the Essential Oil cabinet edited and I put it on You Tube a few days ago.  I thought I would make a short post and insert it in the blog here.  I have called the series "A board of Cherry".  Part 2 should come out shortly after Christmas.

I managed to sell my small scaffolding unit and I am going to put the money into some casters for the table saw.  The ones on it function OK but there are only 2 swivel casters on one end and I want to change it to having all 4 corners with swivel casters.  This will allow me to build the shelf for the Bosch Glide Mitre saw so that the table saw can be parked under it, freeing up a lot of space in the shop.  So a shop project is in the future, and along with that, a whole bunch of re-arranging.  The scaffold being gone makes a huge blank spot on the wall too, so stick around and see how this goes.  It won't be the last time, that's for sure.  I have to insulate and sheath the walls and put the electric in so things have to be able to be taken off the walls for that.  I hope to pull the permit for the electric in the new year and get that roughed in and inspected so I can continue to close the interior in.  All this, of course, depends on budget allowances.  I may have a bit of commission work on the line, so that may bring in a couple of needed dollars.  

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