Saturday, December 05, 2015

Productive day, New Bosch Glide Mitre video

Well, I got up this morning and had my coffee and fidgeted around for a while and finally I got the camera together and went out to the shop to check out my new saw.   I messed around for a bit and tried it out and had fun with it.  I am stunned by how nice this saw is.  The video will tell it all.  I am pretty tired as I did all the editing and got it posted along with two glue up sequences on the rack.  This means I went over everything with a card scrapper first and cleaned everything up.

Now I know why my thumb is sore.  The card scrapper.

I have had a full day, along with cooking on the barbique.  Yes, I grilled, in Canada, in December.  We have no snow and it has been about 8 degrees C.

I also got a coat of BLO and wax on the back panel pieces, so they are drying along with the second glue up right now.  It has been a busy and productive day and I am worn out.  So I will drop the video in here and be on my way.

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