Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cabinet photos....done!

I put the BLO and bees wax finish on this one too.  This time I applied it at room temperature instead of heating it.  I rubbed off the excess a couple of hours later and then let it sit over night.  Today I gave it a bit of a rub out and then applied a coat of furniture wax.  Of course the finishing process required the unit to be disassembled to do.

After the last coat of wax was buffed out I took it out to the shop.  I used glaziers points to install the screen into the door, added the back and tacked it into place.  I only used one tack in the centre on near the top and the bottom.  This, along with the ship lapped joints will give it the freedom to expand and contract with the seasons.  I put a couple of wall hangers on it, the hinges and all the pulls.  One shelf, right behind the door pull has a small rare earth magnet that lines up with the pull screw to keep it closed.  Once that was done, it was ready for some photos.  I took it out doors to take advantage of the natural light.  Yes, this is Canada in December and there is a definite lack of snow.

I am pretty pleased with the end product.  Oh, there are a few mistakes in it, and I will probably only notice them.  I am really pleased with how the mesh on the door came out.  The low tech finish shows off the wood and gives just the right amount of sheen.  It will need a bit of maintenance and with that it should be an heirloom that lasts a good long time.  

Oh, I signed and dated the bottom too, as I do with all my projects.

That should wrap things up for a while now.  I am taking time for family and holidays.  I hope you have the same opportunity to spend time with loved one too.

Merry Christmas everyone and....

Thanks for dropping by.

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