Monday, December 07, 2015

More goings on today

I found a piece of Maple today.  Well, actually, Sally found it yesterday and put it in a bunch of them, then I went through the pile today.  It was just the size I thought I could use for the secondary wood for the drawer.  It was just over 14 1/2" long and 6 1/2" wide.  I needed just under 3" for the drawer, so ripped it using the new Bosch.  Wonderful!  I gave it a few passes over the jointer to get one face flat and one edge square to it.  A few trips through the table saw to re saw it and then through the planer and I had 4 pieces at about 5/16" thick.

I cut them to close to the right width, again using the Bosch, and then slowly got to the finish size using hand planes and my bench hook as a shooting board.  I really need a proper shooting board.  That will be a build someday.  Anyway, I got the panels fitted pretty well and marked them.  They will not end up this tight.  I will be taking a few shavings with a hand plane after the joinery is cut to fine tune the fit.

Not too bad a piece of wood for out of the fire wood pile.  It will be getting a cherry face put on the front of it.  I did the lay out for one corner of the joinery.  I am going to try dove tails all around.  

This build has been a lot of hand work and I have many hours of enjoyment into it.  I use the power tools for things that need it and do hand work where I feel comfortable experimenting.  Slowly, I am improving.  

I also edited some video and got the last instalment of the Photo Box Trio done.  I experimented for the first time with some music.  It was free to use and available right on You Tube, so I tried.  I like it.  It has a dark overtone with a bright undertone.  I may start using more music and less talking.

Enjoy!, and, 

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