Monday, November 23, 2015

Windows upgrade done

I guess I am still functioning on the internet.  I did the upgrade to Windows 10 today.  It went pretty smooth.  I went to a few sites on the privacy settings and changed a bunch of settings.  We don't have Cortana available in Canada yet, but I made sure that was off too.  I also re-set my default browser to Chrome.  I sign in and use G+ for a few things, including this blog and the You Tube channel, so it all works well together.  It looks like my Windows Movie Maker survived too, so that is a relief.  I had heard that it was a separate down load, but I guess since my 64 bit Win7 pro had it, it was included.

I took a short trip and filled the propane tank today too.  I have not hooked the heater up to it, but I have the option now.  Also, I went to the local Home Hardware and got some clips to hold the new extension cord.  They are designed for 1/2" PEX, but they clip on to the cord nicely.  I will have to use some metal strapping and make a couple of custom ones to attach it to the metal shed, but that is a minor thing.  I have an old inner tube that I saved from a wheel barrow that I can cut up and put around the cord where the strapping holds it.  Wednesday looks like the best weather in the forecast to put in the new cord.

So I have a little bit done, and set right up to do some more.  Let's hope the rest of the week is as productive.  Of course, I will be getting some video of the work.  I hope to have a couple more videos up in the next week.

Thanks for dropping by!

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