Sunday, November 22, 2015

The last vid from the second box

We had a great dinner with family at my sisters place for my Dad's birthday.  She cooked a huge spaghetti dinner and I think there were about 18 of us around the table.  The trip home was horrendous though.  It took about an hour and forty minutes to get there.  On the way home it started snowing hard and it took over 2  1/2 hours to get home.  I think we got a bit lucky in that we were behind a snow plow.  It may have only been doing 50 km/h, but it kept the road clean in front of us for most of the trip.  When it had to turn off, we just took it slow and easy, but it was still dicey in spots.  I think I did some snow plowing of my own with the front of the car.  We made it and were exhausted.  I did pause to snap a few photos though.

My Dad really enjoyed getting the box.  He turned it over in his hands and took in the joinery and everyone liked the book matched top.  Today I gathered up the last bits of video and strung them together.  The whole process got put up out of order so I could answer some questions, but I guess that is the way it goes.

So there you have it.  Another project done.  I am still working on the trio of boxes that you can see in the background.  I have some video of that too, but have not got to the point of posting it.  

My computer is telling me it is ready to upgrade to Windows 10.  I hope that does not give me any headaches.  I am not sure if the movie editing software, Windows Movie Maker, is going to be an extra upload or what.  I think I will give it a shot tomorrow.

I had to get the snow blower out today.  It had a bunch of trouble with the heavy wet snow clogging the chute, and of course I could not lay my hands on the silicone spray until after an extensive search.  First searching for my keys as I pulled the car out of the driveway and left them in there.  Once sprayed down it went a lot better.  I think the weather is supposed to warm up this week, so it will likely all melt.  I really can't complain.  It is getting to the end of November and I have seen a lot more snow at this time of the year.  

I still have to get the propane tank for the heater filled, and the new power cord to the shop.  Those jobs are pretty high on the priority list now, before there is more snow any way.  I bought the hinges for the box trio and ordered a self centring punch to help install them.  That should be in Friday, so between now and then I hope to get the cord in, the heater going, the computer upgraded, another video posted, and some more editing done.  Let's see if I get it all done.  Until then

Thanks for dropping by.

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