Monday, November 16, 2015

The second box is finished

Finally.  A nice sunny day today.  The last few days have been pretty dreary with rain and cold, I didn't get anything done.  The weather just kind of took my ambition away.  There were things I could have, perhaps should have been doing as I am making a run of 3 boxes while waiting for the finish on my second box to dry.

My plan was to put a coat of wax on it right away, but, on some good advice, I let it sit for about a week.  Today I did a whole lot of sanding on the trio of boxes I am working on.  All 4 sides, and the top and bottom panels.  They are all made from ash, and that takes a bit of time to sand.  It is all "priliminary" sanding again.  It is much easier to sand the insides before they are put together.  I started with 80 grit on the Random Orbital sander, switched to 120 grit, then some hand sanding with 180 grit.  I did touch the outside surfaces a bit on the finger joints, just to clean them up a bit and get the fuzzys off them. This will keep them from interfering with the glue up.

I am not totally happy with my dado stack for the table saw.  The corners cut a little deeper than the bottom.  A better set is on the wish list, but they cost a bit.  The set I have were pretty inexpensive, so another case of "you get what you pay for".  I will make due for now, as always.  I certainly not going to let it stop me!

I guess the finishing mood kept on for a bit because I decided to give box 2 a rub out.  I was not sure at first whether I was going to put wax on it or not, but I did.  Just because I was curious.  It didn't make a big difference, but it did make some.  The biggest difference is in how it feels.  Wow.  It feels so nice.

This is the same box I did my simple finish video on.  I got my first "thumbs down" on that one.  I guess some folks have to grumble.  I have not really shown the whole thing, this one is a present.  It is going to my Dad (who I hope is not reading this)  who will be 91 at the end of the month.  I really cannot think of anything he needs or would want.  I figure that every one needs something to put things in.  Letters, wallet, watch, photos, and little things that you want to keep in a special spot.  The sides are of ash, again the same tree that my guitar came from.  The top and bottom panel are the book matched maple I rescued from the fire wood pile and make the video on.  I really liked making it.

So, there it is.  A lot of work and time and I liked it so much I started the other 3.  Like I said they are all ash, the top and bottoms from the guitar tree, again gifts.  They are designed to hold photos and I will be doing some glue up tomorrow likely.  They are for gifts too.  I have a couple more things I would like to get made before Christmas, and they are NOT  Stay tuned and we will see how it goes.

In other news, I have a propane tank heater for the shop on the way.  I will have to buy a propane tank and fill it now.  I have a 50 foot 10 gauge extension cord coming too.  This will power the shop for the winter.  It will be plugged into a 20A circuit and will be much more up to the task than the 3 cobbled up lighter gauge cords I am using now.  I am still waiting for my drill from BTP forum,  it has been a month now and I expect it to be at least a couple more weeks.  I am excited about that too.

Thanks for dropping by!

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