Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Keeping warm

As I have mentioned,  I bought a tank top propane heater to get me through until a proper solution can be installed.  I put it together today and got it running.  I like the unit, but I am sorely disappointed with one minor aspect of it.  I don't know who dropped the ball at Mr Heater, I guess it could have been Quality Control, or Engineering, but my favourite theory is that someone changed to a lower priced supplier and did not have the presence of mind to check if mind to check to see if it was a good idea.  Someone in the office, tried to save a few cents on each unit, trying to maximise profit and did not care about the customer.  A big blemish on an otherwise decent unit.  Here is how it went:

In other news, the upgrade to Windows 10 has done something to my Windows Movie Maker.  The sound was all messed up and I thought I lost my introduction sequence.  I figured out a work around for this video and got it posted.  Upon doing some reading, I figured out that I can change the compatibility mode to Windows 8.  We will see if that works on the next one.

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