Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finishing follow up

On my "Bringing out the beauty" video, I showed a simple finish of BLO and bees wax.  I let it sit for about a week and then rubbed it out and applied a coat of paste wax.  I just finished making a short video of that.

Things are a bit out of order now on my videos.  I have to edit and post the rest of the build on this box.  I am also working on a set of boxes for other gifts at this time.  There is more editing and posting to do there, but I am slowly working through it.  After this set of boxes are done, it will be time to start something else.  This time, not a box.

In other news, I am on the "hurry up and wait" list for a bunch of things right now.  I am waiting for my new Bosch cordless drill to be delivered.  I also have on order a tank top propane heater for the shop from TSC.  You would think that they would have it right in the store, but I got a notice that it has been shipped to the store a couple of days ago.  Still no call.  I got a good price, but man are they slow.  I also ordered a 50 foot 10 gauge extension cord from TSC last Friday, and still no notice of shipping.  I am a little disappointed.  I discovered TSC years ago as a great supplier of goods and tools.  It seems over the last few years, they have grown and their service has suffered.  Their prices have certainly gone up though.  I don't know how many times it has been that I took the trip out of town to the closest store to take advantage of an advertised sale, only to find it not in stock.  I tend not to put too much faith in their flyers any more.  Speaking of which, they are a mess.  They have all kinds of partial sized add ons that are just a pain to deal with.

One other thing that I just learned I am waiting for.  I won a new Bosch 12" Glide Mitre saw!  I am in the process of sorting that out, but man, I am still having trouble believing this is happening.  I was thinking of the 10" version as a dream of something I would someday own.  This is THE mitre saw to have in my opinion.  I have been taken by it since the first time I saw it.  I am much more impressed with it than even the FeStool Kapex, which is way over priced (again, only my opinion).

  I am not a big FeStool fan in the first place.  I have no doubt about their quality, but they are just way too expensive for what you get.  I will be sticking to other brands I think.  You do not get twice the tool for twice the money they charge.  Now, there are a lot of fans of them out there, with cases of their stuff, and I don't begrudge them that.  For a hobby guy like me though, I would not get the return on the investment involved.  I guess that is kind of a rant on my part.

Any ways, there is some waiting going on for some exciting things coming.  New tools, new equipment, new projects, and the continuing shop build.  The weather has been pretty good, but winter is on it's way.  The shop still needs insulation and the electric work but the budget has no room for that right now.  I hope to start picking away at more shop build stuff and projects in the new year, but it is yet to be seen how that progresses.  So, until next time....

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