Monday, May 11, 2015

The shop build...Delivery 1

I finally got the old shed empty and every thing stuffed into the portable as best I could.  I tried to keep the things I am likely to need up front.

I have all the shelves down in the shed, and the windows out now.

It truly is in sad shape.  The floor is bulging up and there are many gaps where the light comes through (and weather, and bugs, and mice).

I got the first delivery of lumber today.  Consisting of:

2    6 x 6 x 16'
2    6 x 6 x 12'
1    6 x 6 x 10'
18  2 x 10 x 12'
2    2 x 10 x 10'
and added to that was 12  3 x 5 x 8' landscape ties so Sally could make a garden around the tulips.  All pressure treated wood.

I said I would try to get some video yesterday.  How's this for quick delivery.

This will keep me busy for a while.  It will be the base and the floor framing.  I am going to cut the half lap joints with....

The old work horse.  I don't know how old it is.  I got it about 20 years ago for free as the previous owner made the switch get stuck.  I took it apart and gave it a squirt of WD 40, put a longer cord on and a carbide blade and it has run like a champ ever since.  It is all metal and a 13 amp motor.  Kind of a bear to adjust height, but a pair of pliers helps.  I was looking at a new one and just may still.  A new blade at the very least.  

The saw benches will earn their keep very soon.

Coming up, some half lap joinery.  Until then,

Thanks for dropping in

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