Sunday, May 17, 2015

A short day

Did not spend a lot of time today on the shed.  I tilled the garden for Sally (she built the frame herself from PT landscape ties.  I cut them and she put it together).  She put 2 bags of peat moss in before I tilled, always helps with clay soils.  Then we added 20 bags of soil we got really cheap on sale at the local Rona.  She then went about planting the garden with the flowers we picked up at a nearby nursery.

She put in the bird bath that used to sit by my mothers deck.  She passed away last year and it makes me feel like she is still close.

While Sally did her garden , I went through all the floor joists and marked them for crown.  Which was kind of hard on some.  There were some pretty straight pieces in the pile.  I then cut them all to 11' 9" the rim joists making up the other 3" to 12'.  I stacked them all on my saw horses and treated all the ends with end cut preservative.  Which reminds me, I have to order a couple more boards for centre blocking the joists......

It's good to see those old saw horses I built years ago still standing up to the abuse.  I guess I made them pretty good.  In the background you can see the roof framing is off.  That happened yesterday.  One thing about poor construction is that it comes down easy.  I am actually surprised it didn't come down on it's own over the years.  I am taking my time and cutting pieces down into pieces that are more easily handled as I go and trying to keep it fairly clean too.

The shed is primarily supported by 4 x 4's in the corners.  Follow the horizontal 1 x 4 across the back wall....see it here?  It is just above 1/2 way in the window.

That passes over the 4 x 4 in each corner and is nailed into the top.  I pulled 2 nails from each side of that board, and about 5 nails 1 1/2" long on each side that was holding the OSB to the 4 x 4, gave the wall a half hearted push and it fell over.  So I cut it up a bit.

It is getting a bit cluttered way in the back yard.  I hope I can start getting it cleaned up soon.  Not much more to go now and there will be a cleared and level spot to start making something safe and weather tight.  I am still amazed I didn't go through the floor or have the roof fall in or something.

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