Friday, May 08, 2015

Plan B, a little calmer now.

I am still fuming mad at some petty functionary with a clip board and his idiocy.  I refuse to see the logic in calling my project "new development" as it is replacing an old shed.  Yes it is larger, and that is what is making him refuse to cooperate.  Never mind all the things that are affecting the waterway in a negative way; tiled fields, livestock in and around the river, people using the wetland and river as their personal dumping ground and other things that a person can see going on daily.  A 320 sq ft hobby shop would be what destroys the habitat.

I phoned the engineer in town and told him that the conservation authority is denying my request to build.  He was at my place about an hour later.  There is nothing he can do about it, he was well pleased with my plans and the drawings I submitted.  I asked him about alternatives.  I thought...

a)  Get a 40' shipping container dropped on the lot and use that as a shop.  Pretty narrow and short, but, by definition, is not a permanent structure (Which is also how I designed the shop.  So it could be loaded on a float and readily moved) and needs nothing in the way of permits or permission.  Pretty ugly though that could be worked on.

b)  Buy a used travel trailer.  One of those big ones with the walls that slide out.  Maybe something that is an insurance write off or something big and cheap.  Gut that and use it.   Put it up on blocks so it is stable.  No red tape in that option either, but still.....ewww!

c) and the one I think I am going with.  I do not need a permit to "do some work" on the existing shed.  I can modify the heck out of it and do not need any kind of permit or permission to "fix up" my existing shed that is a bit over 12' x 12'.  I am also allowed, without need for a permit, to build up to 108 sq. ft.  (9 x 12).  So, I am thinking I will "fix up" the existing shed and add 8' to it, giving me 12' x 20' or so.  A bit narrower than I want, and smaller too, but better than what I have and weatherproof and the ceilings will be higher.  I can also add on at a later date too, as long as it is under 108 sq. ft..

This is going to be a lot more work, and I am going to have to buy some sort of temporary shelter for everything while I do the work.  The shed has to be emptied to work on it.  I am going to look at a canvas garage to put everything in.  I suppose I will have to put the wood working stuff away for a while too as I will be in "carpenter" mode for a while and won't have time to do much actual "woodworking", if we can agree for now that the 2 activities are different.

I guess I have some planning and figuring to do.  The engineer seems OK with anything going on that does not require a permit (although he is perplexed about the conservation authorities stand and likes the original plan).  It is not within the definition of his job.

There are a lot of sad things that can be said of this experience, of trying to do something that is an improvement, is cooperative, and that years of conscientious care of the area counts for nothing.  I guess I learned something, and it is not a positive thing, about dealing with some organizations and people.  

Thanks for dropping by, sorry about the rant.

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