Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tear the roof off the mother!

Now George Clinton I remember!

More mayhem and destruction.  I started by taking the tin off the roof.  Notice anything amiss here?

All the screws, and the holes that go with them, are in the valleys.  Right where the water runs.  They ought to be on the peaks.  I am sure the original construction is all reclaimed material.  I am not too cool with heights, or ladders, but we got it all off and put aside.  Now you can really see how flimsy the roof framing is.

Once I got that done I decided it would be a good time to check under the floors.  I had to take off layers of OSB, hardboard, vinyl tile, and plastic until I got to the original floor.  Looks like it was made out of 1" thick barn board.  Upon pulling up a bit, more surprises!

More 1 x 4's.....oh boy!  Also, they are laying perpendicular to the rafters!  The builder was consistent though.

They even kept the 24" spacing!  Yes, that is right.....1 x 4 at 24" OC with a 12' span.  Laying directly on grade with a nice warren of trails the ground hogs have made.

The burn barrel is going steady with the scrap wood.  I am a couple of wheel barrow loads ahead of it.  The lawn needs mowing.  Maybe tomorrow we will start putting up the pool, and tearing down more shed.  I think I will have a blank slate to start building on by the end of the long weekend.

Thanks for dropping in!

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