Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Recovery day.

After spending some time getting some half laps done and moving around those 6 x 6's to do it I need a day to recover.  My knee does not like going for a long time and reminds me of it. I shot some video of cutting the wood and the camera ran out of batteries.  I did manage to get this though.

I know my videos are not very much in length or production value, but I am still learning.  I like keeping them kind of short.

I went out today with Sally and did a bit of shopping.  One of the things I bought was

I will be keeping the old B&D but this one is easier to adjust for height and angle.  It was on sale and I ended up paying about $68 with tax.  I couldn't say no.

Yesterdays work included cutting the 10' 6 x 6 in half in order to make pieces to lengthen the 16' ones to 20'.  I did this by cutting 1/2 lap joints with the old circular saw and the reciprocating saw.  Not the best cut joinery ever.  I coated the raw wood with end cut preservative and fastened the joinery with 1/2" x 5" galvanized lag screws.  The wood is pressure treated and requires an ACQ rated fastener.  I also added PL Premium construction glue to the joints.  These things will not be coming apart.  I have used PL to hold a concrete base of a fountain together.

I have said for a quite a while now that I can still do a good days work, it just takes me a week to do it. 

I have Sally's camera charging, and some more half laps to cut.  I am hoping to make a video of cutting the joints with the machines, vs cutting them with the hand saws.  I did have to clean up the joints I made with a chisel and plane a lot because of how bad the cuts come out with a reciprocating saw, so it may turn out easier to do them with hand tools if they go together right off the saw.

So, until next time

Thanks for dropping in.

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