Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Logistics and shopping and boring stuff

Not much going on, yet still busy.  The shed is all down and cut into pieces.  I am taking a few days to clean it up now.  I was going to level the spot by hand and decided that was a dumb idea.  I am waiting to hear from a guy with a small tractor to come and do it.  He will be able to have it done in a couple of hours.

We went to London yesterday and I bought 4 windows for the shop.  They are 24" wide and 48" high.  Right now I am thinking a bank of 3 on the north 20' long wall looking over the river.  It will also give me that wonderful indirect north light in the shop.  Then I am thinking I will put one of them on the east 12' wall as I am thinking that will be the wall with the sharpening station and some sort of bench for when I do metal work.  I have a 10' wheel chair ramp that is made from aluminium that is 3' wide and pretty thick.  It is a remnant of when my step son was alive and in his wheel chair.  I am thinking that a piece of it will make an excellent work top.  The west wall is where the door will be.  Not sure what I am going to do there.  I would like to be able to open it up to 4', but not sure how I will divide the space up.  The south 20' wall will just be a solid wall.  At least with the windows bought I can lay out my framing.

I got to geek out on cameras with my son while we were in London.  I am looking at a Canon Powershot SX-60 HS.  It is a little pricey, but would be a one camera solution for me.  Lots of zoom, a good macro setting, and will do videos too with a stereo mic built in and an aux. mic in.  Something to think about anyway (like there wasn't enough already).  Went out for lunch at our favourite Chinese buffet place too.

While I was getting my windows, Sally found a shop next door that was kind of like a flea market/junk shop/consignment store.  Lots of neat old stuff, and I will be returning to it for sure.  I did find this:

A surface gauge.  It will come in handy for setting blades on the jointer.  Besides, it is just old and cool (like me !).

I did make up a "shopping list" of materials to get the shop framed and pretty much closed in.  I took that down to Rona and gave them a whole bunch of money.  I told them to deliver it Monday or Tuesday.  That should give me lots of time to get the base and floor framing in place, all nice and square and level.  I was thinking of getting it brought down on Friday, but I just cannot work at such a pace, and not having material here will force me to take a break and not go until I hurt myself.  Sally keeps telling me, but I have a hard time finding the "off" button sometimes.  So, until I hear from my tractor dude, I am just going to keep the burn barrel going with all the scrap wood and tidy up a bit.  Not enough changes to take pictures of.  So, until next time,

Thanks for dropping in!

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