Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The shop is rearranged!

Well, I really thought it would only take a day, but took the better part of the week.  Making a spot for the Bosch Mitre saw.  It is odd how taking apart one small part of the shop will eat up all the room you have in there.  I bet I moved some things a dozen times or more.  I have to edit some video of the process yet.  I didn't take much because everything takes twice as long when you are recording it.  I also plan on doing another shop tour video as so much has changed.

I built a big table for the mitre saw, tall enough for the table saw to park under.  That frees up a lot of room in the shop.  I built it from lumber that came from a demolished building that used to be roof trusses.  They sat on the ground for another couple of years, keeping the firewood off the ground.  So they are well used.  Once I got it built, I put the saw and drill press on it and I was none too fond of the way it looked.

Today, I put a couple of strips of 3/8" siding on it that was left over from doing the outside of the shop.  Then I found some bits of spruce to wrap the edge, doing mitred corners and the table looks much nicer.

It's odd that one always thinks something can be done in a couple of hours and it ends up taking days.  I thought today I would get the last bits done and it was 4 hours before I was happy with it.  There were some compromises along the way, but the shop looks neat and tidy and organized.  Finally!  I am taking a bit of a rest now and will likely edit some video and get it up in the next couple of days.  I will also shoot the shop tour.  I have no idea of what the next project will be, but I am sure there will be one soon.  

I have someone interested in buying the old mitre saw and I hope that goes through.  I will use that money to buy some more insulation and get a bit more of that done.  I also have to apply for the electrical permit and get that work started.  I also have more video to edit on the essential oil cabinet and get that posted.  I think there will be 2 more on that with the amount of footage I have to go through.  So stay tuned, this journey has a long way to go yet.

Thanks for dropping by!

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