Thursday, January 21, 2016


That is just about the only thing I have been dealing with for the last week.  I have had the snowblower out every day and today it is still snowing.  Just doing our driveway and the paths can tucker a guy out.  I do a bit extra so Lil' Lee has a place to run around and guard the place against marauding squirrels.  She is always curious about what they are up to.

The lady across the street from me had a bit of a time with her snow blower, so I did her driveway once for her.  The neighbour behind me backed out of his driveway and got his truck stuck as soon as he got on the road, so a few of us got him dug back into his driveway.  Also, another neighbour is recovering from heart surgery, so there is no way he can do his, so I go over and clear his driveway and deck.  I have a new pass time I guess.  One that I really didn't want.  At least not to this extent.  I move snow, and the rest of the time is

I do have footage to edit.  I will have to get around to editing that soon.  The last part of the essential oil cabinet has to be made.  I want to get more comfortable with this new video editing software first.  I have a few other bits too, but not much.  I have not had much in the way of shop time due to the weather.  I did get a bit more ceiling insulated, and got some footage of that.  It will be coming out eventually.

I have been watching Lightworks tutorial videos and trying to get comfortable with it.  I figured it was about time I put something up, so I went and shot this today and put it together.  More as an exercise as anything else.  This is one powerful program and will do more than I will ever need.  It is also pretty complex, so I will play some more with it and get some more video together as I go.

So, what was I up to today?

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