Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year

I spent the day today editing and posting another instalment on the Essential oil cabinet.  That ate up most of the day.  It also took about an hour and a half to upload to You Tube.  Windows Movie Maker is having a time with freezing up too, causing a bit more work than it should.  I may be on a search for free movie editing software soon if this keeps up.  It worked fine in Win 7 and started having problems when I upgraded to Win 10.

My new years eve was unexpectedly eventful.  Even though I went to bed before midnight.  I was watching one of the channels I subscribe to on You Tube and my name was announced as a winner for a router plane.  I really need one.  Matthew Morris, of MM Wood Studio got a new router plane for Christmas and decided to give his old ones away.  I sent him an email and was selected.  He wanted for it to go to a place where it would be used.  It will be well used here.

So, on to part 3 of A board of Cherry.  Designing on the fly and making changes as I go to make it fit the picture I have in my head.  There will be at least one more video on this build.....maybe 2.

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