Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Completing work on the jointer

Well, I actually did something constructive finally.  I have not been doing much in the shop, keeping busy with other day to day things and resting through an early autumn snow fall.

Yes, those first smatterings of snow look pretty, but by the end of January, the shine kind of wears off.  I made an appointment to get the winter tires put on the car.  As days go by, there seems to be more and more needing to get done before winter.  

I finally got around to finishing off the work on the jointer today.  I ran the camera and got the footage, edited it all, put it together, and uploaded it to You Tube.  It takes longer to upload than to watch.  My connection speed is nothing to write home about.

  I am enjoying making videos.  I am just capturing day to day things and I still have lots of ideas of projects to come.  I am trying to leave in as much information of the process as I can without getting overly long.  There is more to any job than just a tidy edited and stripped down version of things going perfectly.  Just like real life.

I hope you like this one.  I am somehow partial to it.  As always, people who are putting up content on You Tube are really encouraged by clicking that thumbs up icon, sharing and comments.  I try to answer every comment on You Tube, as well as on this blog, when they happen.  My channel is still very small, so I have the luxury of doing that.  Perhaps it will grow and that will end, but I will keep trying.

As always, I am thankful for the time you spend with me.

Thanks for dropping by

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