Friday, October 16, 2015

Box Joint Jig

I finished up another video today.  This time I made a new adapter for my box joint jig.  When I first made it a few years ago, I just made it to do 3/4" box joints.  You can make as many adapters for the main carriage as you want, one for each size, and they just quickly bolt on to the main carriage and are located with a screw butting up against a dead stop.

I have a few more boxes I want to build and I wanted a smaller box joint so I made the new one to handle 3/8" box joints.  I think they will look nice on a variety of stock thickness's.  There were some pitfalls along the way that I documented.  I mean really, everyone has set ups they have to do, and adjustments, and not everyone has the equipment to always make these things go smooth.  Some would edit out these things, making it look like they zip through a project with nary a thought.  It is like all the TV shows where they rebuild an entire room in a half hour.  Our life isn't edited into all the nice bits, and I rather like catching the complications along the way and figuring out a way to make it work.

Yes, it would be great to have some of my tools and equipment upgraded.  Perhaps someday that will happen.  For now though, I have what I have, and I get great enjoyment out of them.  I think that is the whole point.  I go out there to enjoy myself and partake in my hobby.  When I worked it was always mechanical in nature.  I have always loved tinkering with things, so maybe having machinery that needs some thought and attention suits me too.

After I finished the jig, I ran some wood through the planer and brought it down to 1/2" thick in preparation for building boxes.  I still have a bit more to do, but probably not to the same thickness.  I now have to come up with some sizes and get thinking about the building of them.  I also have to get my set screws for the jointer and get that going too.   In the mean time, I hope you enjoy watching some of the prep work that needed to be done in order to get on to the next project.

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