Sunday, March 08, 2015

Videos, Kitchens, and smoke.

Well hello there!

I am glad you have returned to my muddling through past years as I wait for my shop build to start.  I made my first You Tube video!  Not much as far as production  goes.  I just recorded it, put in and introduction sequence and posted it.  I have to give a big shout out to Jason Beams who puts out video on His You Tube Channel  who took my video and edited out my personal information.  I met Jason on the #woodwhisperer channel at .  He is in the midst of building an ES-335 guitar at the time of this writing, and it is a very impressive project indeed.  Jason is not only a woodworker, but also turns his hand at machining and CNC work.  Along with the computer skills, a very talented individual.  So, without any more fuss.  Here it is.

I hope I embedded that  If not it can be seen here.

I used Sally's Canon S-100 point and shoot camera and did the opening sequence with Windows Movie Maker.  Not a big investment, and I hope to keep it that way.  Yes, I plan on more videos...... I would like to show that someone with limited computer skills can get content on the web successfully.  I am also influenced by a horde of other woodworkers, makers, and builders who are putting out great content on You Tube too.  I hope to do a whole post on these folks one day.  There are so many of them.

If we go back in time to 2012, my life took a huge change.  In May I quit smoking.  I had smoked pretty much continually since 1979 or so, and when I realized that was over 1/2 my lifetime it kind of shocked me.  Three years later I can say that while I still have the occasional craving, it passes quickly.  May was also time to do the upper cabinets in the kitchen.  The original cabinets, typical mobile home garbage, had to go.  Even if they looked OK painted (well, maybe not).

I had planned to make cabinets with raised panel door and a nice face frame, but that got veto'd by Sally.  So I ended up with some open boxes on the wall made of pine, and they work great.

After adding some window trim and doing the wall papering on the wall, it all started to come together.

Of course, what do you do to celebrate a kitchen renovation but cook a meal.....on the barbique of course!

I make great ribs, if I do say so myself.  It takes 4 or 5 hours on low heat and they are sweet with a bit of heat.  A good dose of garlic in there for some savoury too!  I use a charcoal grill, the only way to go IMHO.

Around about July of this year I was thinking about how much money I would have spent on smoking and it came out roughly the same price as a new 12 string guitar.  So I went to Walter's Music in the Masonville Mall in London and picked myself up a new toy.

A Simon & Patrick Woodland 12 with a spruce top.  Why? I have a S&P 6 spruce top that I got about 20 years earlier and still love it, so why change?  When they are together it is hard to think that the 6 strings top was the same colour as the 12's at one time.

OK, a bit more to do on the kitchen.  The fridge died.  So, off to get a new fridge and of course, there is nothing in white.  Can we have a fridge and stove that don't match?  NO!  Can we get a fridge that fit where the old one was? NO!.  So along comes another cabinet and new appliances and the range hood??????  It stays despite not matching.  I can honestly say, I will not be looking at stainless appliances next time.  They are a pain to keep looking nice.

Of course, after another spending spree, we need something else to celebrate the kitchen again.

The old one was burnt out, they only last about 3 years.  I am due for a new one this year.

We always get the most interesting company dropping in.

So, I guess we will end off the year with a bit of panelling on the wall (pine T&G) and a place to put the guitars.

Time for Christmas again, lets get stocked up and prepared for another winter.

Cheers! and thank you for dropping by!

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