Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why I will not buy a SawStop: A Rant

I have some very strong opinions on some things.  I don't often speak of them in my public discourse because they often times upset people.  I am going to break with that tradition.  Feel free to disagree if you want, but this is how I see it.

Steve Gass is one clever guy.  He had the smarts to invent and patent flesh sensing technology.  It is no secret that he spends a lot of time and effort defending his patent rights.  It is also no secret that he was turned down by every major saw manufacturer to implement, or, license for a fee, his technology.  The third leg of this story is his efforts to have it mandated, by law, the use of flesh sensing technology as a safety feature on all table saws.

He is trying to create a legislated monopoly on table saws.  Which, in my opinion, would like having a monopoly on vehicle seat belts.  Could you imagine being able to demand whatever sum you could dream up from vehicle manufacturers in order for them to produce any vehicles?

If successful, Mr. Gass will be able to ask whatever he wants in order for anyone to build a saw, and the consumables (they use a cartridge remember) that must be included with them.  Manufacturers will only have 2 choices.  Pay Mr. Gass, or don't make table saws.  At this point, Mr. Gass can ask whatever he wants for licensing and who knows how high that will be.  Just think Martin Shkreli for starters (bought the patent for Daraprim and raised the price from $13.50 per pill to $750 per much will you pay to stay alive?).  Don't believe that?  Mr. Gass is a lawyer, and as such is well trained in manipulating the system to get his way.

So, again, if he succeeds, what will happen to the price of table saws?  Are you willing to pay $2500 for a job site table saw for instance?  How about $5000?   How many thousands of dollars will it cost for a cabinet saw?  Will you go out of business if you don't have one?  What about if you manufacture furniture?  How about picture frames, or pallets, or any other of the myriad of consumer goods that relies on the humble table saw for production?  Mr. Gass would have a strangle hold on many items that are in day to day use, and some may say a necessity, like your house and a lot of things in it.  Do you think all the extra costs will be transferred to the and I?  Of course it will.

Mr Gass, if successful, will make billions while we, as consumers, will have to fork it over to him, or go without.  He is trying to create his own proverbial golden goose, and trying to do it at the expense of everyone.  Pure greed.   In my opinion, Mr Gass is also a parasite.

That is why I will not be buying a SawStop.

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