Friday, February 12, 2016

A bit more shop work

I did some more work to the shop a few weeks back.  I finally got up the desire to get the footage put together.  I must admit that I have been pretty inactive lately.  I guess there must be some bear in my, wanting to hibernate all winter.

I am embellishing a bit of course.  I do have my chores to do around the house, and winter has not been all that bad this year, relatively speaking.  It has been pretty mild.  Not so much the last couple of days, but I am not going to complain.  A little chill in the air makes it easier to split the firewood.  Still, not much going on in the shop.  The last thing I did in there was bring in the snow blower to repair the recoil starter.  Of course, I had to sweep the snow up after.  I guess I am digressing here....back on topic.

I managed to scrape up a few dollars and get another bundle of insulation.  Here I go about putting it up and getting the shop a tiny bit closer to being done.  At least this part of it.  I don't think a shop ever is truly "done".  It is always in a state of flux, changing as needs arise and work patterns develop.

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