Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Dynamic Duo!

Another nice day out and I got everything on the saw bench glued up and clamped this morning.  I took it out of the clamps this afternoon and cut the legs to length and did a bit of clean up and I am very pleased.  It only took a couple of swipes with the block plane on to get all the legs the same length.  I did a bit of chamfering as well while I had the block plane out.  I only have to bore a couple of holes in the top for the hold fasts which I will be ordering from Lee Valley tonight.  The have free shipping right now on orders over $40 and 2 Gramercy hold fasts are $41 and change plus tax.  I am thinking if I put the holes in the right place they would be useful for mounting a fence/planing stop type of thing along 1 long edge also.

So without further ado....here is my latest build, along with it's split style sidekick that I made previously.

Ready for action, and it will start seeing it soon.

  I was at Rona today and I was looking at a framing nailer.  I think I am going to spring for it as there will be a lot of nails to put into building the shop and I am going to be working pretty much alone.  The other alternative is swinging the big Estwing framing hammer for hours.  Besides, who can resist buying a new tool, especially one as cool as one that can shoot nails.  Now it is time to log in to Lee Valley and order the hold fasts.  Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Well done, Sir! I have a pair of Gramercy hold fasts that I got from TFWW that are awesome. I haven't tried the LV ones, though. Nice job! :)

  2. Thank you Jason. Lee Valley is about the only real wood workers store around. In Canada they carry Gramercy, Benchcrafted, and Festool among others.