Monday, April 27, 2015

That piece of walnut

So, what about that piece of walnut?

Time to make something of it.  It has some nice grain in it.  After it is taken to the drill press and a few holes put in it, there is some more form to it.

Some more work, by hand this time.  Mostly rasps and chisels.

Totally inspired by Tom Fidgen of The Unplugged Woodshop I see a kerfing plane in this chunk of wood.  I am totally awestruck by Tom's work.  His skills and attention to detail are second to none.  I highly recommend his you tube channel if you enjoy wood work, or just enjoy beautiful things made from wood.

......and speaking of wood.

A truckload of slab wood helps keep warm over the winter.  That chunk of walnut came from last years load.  This year the load is made up of mostly maple.

Not all of it makes it to the burn pile though.

A nice selection of pieces catch my eye and get squirrelled away.  I have no idea what they will become, but they certainly are some thick slabs and a touch of spalting never hurts either.  Just sitting and drying will do for now.  

Back to some more shaping.

This is a long term project, still not finished as of writing this.  The walnut is working nicely and I am happy with the shape that is coming out of the wood.  I enjoy my little shop a lot.  I like fiddling around in there, but it is small and I have to keep it organized because, as it is, I have to move things around things to get anything done.

Time to take a pause and check out some yard sales.  I am beginning to worry about my recent desire to make and collect squares and measuring stuff.  One I bought cheap (and it is square)

Another inexpensive addition that will come in handy.

This grinder will work without an extension cord!  I have not found a place for it yet though.  It will go into the new shop for sure!  

Speaking of the new shop.  The town is OK with my plans.  That is great news, I was sure I would have to redo something on them.  The engineer is OK with everything though.  One more hurdle to cross though.  Because I live on the bank of the river (the Bayfield river), and our land is technically on a flood plain.  We are under the guidance of the Ausable-Bayfield Conservation Authority. So I need the go ahead from them too.  Which I am turning into a nervous wreck waiting for.  One thing in my favour with them is that the new shop is a replacement for the old shed.  Which is easier for approval than something totally new.  Still, my materials quote from Rona is only good for a couple more days, so I hope I hear soon so I can go order and pay for it.

When winter starts to come on, and it is cold and damp, it is not a good time for old iron.  One day you go out and you see the colour change and you know it is time for some 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper, lubricated with WD-40, and some elbow grease.

Get the metal all nice and clean, and then give the tools some protection for being put away for the winter.

I bring all of them in for the winter, safe from the elements and put away.  I think it makes the shed look a bit sad as compared to the previous pictures.

Just the old beater chisels and a few odds and ends for the occasional nice day that I can get out and do something.  I am looking forward to having a permanent place for all my stuff that is weatherproof.   I am also looking forward to a place I can be out of the weather and useful all year long.  The winters tend to get a bit long.

Well, I am going to leave you here for this week.  I hope you are enjoying the journey, there is more to come, so until next time......

Thanks for dropping in.

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