Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Coffee table pt.2

This, I think, is going to be a long series of videos.  It took a long time to edit this video.  I can't believe how much got left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.  I did manage to keep it under 20 minutes though.  It is a goal I set for this series.  It is uploading as I write this, so I will have to wait until it is done so I can attach it and post this entry.

I continue on with getting the top rough milled.  Let me tell you, these slabs of ash are heavy.  I go from where we left off in part 1 and get them roughed to size with the new track I built for the circular saw, then start truing up one face by hand.  Just enough to get it flat for the machines.  I cut the width more accurately with the table saw.  That amazed me.  I did not think the old saw had the guts to do it.  But it soldiered on through with a slow feed and got the job done.  Then it was a matter of getting the underside flattened on the thickness planer, then the top.  There were hours of planing, both by hand and by machine to get it done.  It all works out in the end though and I end up with a couple of slabs, a bit lighter and consistent in dimensions and ready to glue up.

I tried a couple of different ways to go from one scene to another.  Still experimenting with the editing software.  Which, to me, is what a hobby is all about.  Learning and having fun with it.  I guess I am still a kid at heart and like playing with toys.

Enjoy the video and as always....

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