Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coffee table build starts

It's about time too.  Actually, the build right now is almost done, but the videos have to catch up.  I started in August, and there have been a few photos along the way.  I actually had to sand the finish off the top and start it again as when I was doing the last step I didn't like it.  Still, Sally's birthday was last January, and I did promise her a coffee table.  I didn't even have the wood back then.

I am cutting the build series up into many small segments.  Putting together the longer videos and uploading them can get tedious, and I think that the shorter format may make it easier to watch.  We will see.  I was still up late last night getting it done, so I am just as weary today as I write this.

It is cooler now and I fired up the heater in the shop yesterday, only to find there was about 1/2 hour worth of fuel left in the propane tank.  I guess I have another job on my list before I can actually finish the build.

So, my muddled brain is having a hard time putting words together right now, so I will just post the video.

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