Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What a load

I shot a bit of video of our wood being delivered.  It is all waste product from a local saw mill.  It gives a small industry a few needed dollars and saves me a lot.  The both loads cost me $650 and will heat our home for 2 years.  That saves me a lot.

One thing I find odd, is that Ontario has home heating with wood in their sights as something they would like to see gone.  They are saying that is produces too many green house gasses.  But the thing is, is that if these saw mills had no where to sell the waste, it would probably go into a big burn pile anyway.  Not only that, the mills may not survive without the extra income and that would put a whole industry in danger.

When trees are no longer of any value, then they will be disposed of to make room for things that are valuable.  As a hobby wood worker, and as a user of wood for heat, and as a person who likes to sit in the shade, I am a big fan of trees of all kinds.

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