Monday, June 20, 2016 just suck!

Microsoft is ending support for the Live Mail program. I think they call them apps now. So I have been reading on a work around.
Let me back up a bit.
I have a hotmail account. I had to give them a second address so I could verify the hotmail account that I have, so I had to create a second hotmail account.
Back to the story.
One of the things I have read about to keep Live Mail working is to make sure the protocol is set to POP. This is because the “new” mail will use a different way of doing things. Compatible with the new “Mail” app in Windows 10, which is total garbage if you asked me.
So, on my second hotmail account (the one that MS forced me to open, just so I can verify the first), I went and made it POP compatible. Not a hard thing to do, it is an option right on their own selection process.
Now, I try to email from the first account to the second, works fine. So, I try to respond from the second to the first and next thing you know, my account has been blocked.
I go through the instructions on screen to unblock it and it requires a cell phone number where you can receive a text. Nope, no such thing at our house. No cell phone at all. No other option either.
So, after much searching, I find the MS help chat, and after several minutes, explain to the service person the situation and can they help. This was Saturday. She gives me a link to the proper service page to get the help I need. I fill out the form, stating that I have no access to get a text message and that I want to get this email address going again. After all, MS requires I have it. I ask what the specific reason is that this address got blocked too.
Response will take 24 hours it says.
Today (Monday, about 36+ hours later) I get an email on the first account with information and links on getting the second one unblocked. The link takes me to a place where there is a box to put in a phone number where I can receive a text message…………? What?……..Wait….here I am almost 2 days later and they have circled around to where I began. Of course with no explanation as to why the account was blocked.
Back on line to MS chat help. Wait, wait, wait some more. Finally a rep gets on and I describe the situation. She wants a cell phone number to text me a code. I explain again. She sends me to a page that wants a cell phone number so they can text me a code. I explain again. I even suggest that she give me her cell phone number (they must all have them, they are required for situations such as this right? They must have a company one because of this right?), I will enter that and she can receive the code and give it to me over the chat. Nope, can’t do that. She has to send it off to a tier 3 service person, when would be a good time to contact me. I say “now”. I give her my land line number (the only number I have).
They will get back to me in 1 to 2 hours.
Here it is 3 hours later, I am still waiting.
I am beginning to think learning Linux would be easier. There are no answers and the system they have in place is just dumb. Perhaps they are trying to make a good case for buying an Apple product.
Oh, and they did get me to a page to re-set my password. It has to be one that I have never used before. How the heck are you supposed to keep track of all of this?!!! I would email it to myself, but my account is blocked.
Sorry, Microsoft has me saying all kinds of words that are politically incorrect and I had to have a bit of a rant.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Cleaning out the external drive

Well, I finally got around to editing a bit of video and getting it posted up.  I still have a bunch to go and I think I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that all those files represent.  Nothing will fix that but getting the job done.  I had a long day getting them together.

 I also made up some climbing trellis for the beans, cucumbers, and peas that I have growing on the side of the shop.  The planters are made from pallet wood and old fence boards I was given.  The lattice work was from a job that got taken apart and changed over the years, so it was leftovers, and it is mounted on the fence boards too.  So the side of the shop is a growing area, built pretty much for free.  It isn't going to win any decorating awards, but it will give us some nice fresh food!

In this first video, I was mucking about in the shop, organising and trying to get things arranged more suitably as I get used to the shop.  I had some off cuts, I had some space, and I had a need.  I decided that since I am just using left over construction plywood, I would limit my tools.  I wanted to show that someone with nothing would not have to outlay too much in order to build something.  It wasn't going to be pretty, but it wasn't meant to be.  Limited tools, limited wood, limited skills.  You don't need much to get started in the woodworking hobby.

The second video is the return of one of the guitars I fixed for the school.  My transplant surgery turned out to be a little too stiff after all.  So I put the tuners back into the frames they came with and installed them on the guitar.  It probably would have been easier to do it this way in the first place, but I didn't want to drill the holes. 

Well, that just about does it.  I hope to clean up some more files soon.  There is a lot going on with the nice weather and I am enjoying being able to be out more.  Winter is long, so I am going to get the most I can out of the warmer months.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, June 10, 2016

I have been lax, but busy

Yes, I have not been editing, or filming, or blogging either.  I have been lax in this department.

I have been busy doing yard chores, spring is busy.  Many things have had to be done on our little rural lot we rent, and I have just not had it in me to be keeping up with anything else.  I have enough raw video to make at least 4 more videos but have lacked the motivation to do it.

What does this mean?

Well, nothing really.  I will eventually get my head in a space to do more, but that will take a little more time.  I have not had the support I would have liked to get on my You Tube channel, and that is, in part, the reason for my lack of motivation.  I like making videos, but I can only surmise that the quality of my content is not good enough to attract more subscribers, comments, shares, and all those other things that generate a feeling that I am doing something useful.

I am not abandoning the project all together, just giving it the priority that is more in line with what I am getting out of it.  I do not make any money at it, and that is not the point for me.  A pat on the back of some sort would be nice though.  It is the same with this blog.  Being ignored at anything you do is demotivating.  Like the old saying goes "There ain't no point in talking if there ain't nobody listening".

So, in the end, just have a bit of patience and things will cycle around to where I have the wherewithal to go at it again.

As always

Thanks for dropping by!