Saturday, July 02, 2016

I have been editing

I have got part one of a build I did edited.  This one is a monumental task.  I am leaving in some of the mistakes and redo's I had to do because....well, that's real life.  That also means it is turning out to be a long one.  So I am dividing it into 2 parts.  The second part has yet to be edited.

I have a pretty slow internet connection, so I have to wait to upload it.  If I do it while we are using the internet our computers time out on a lot of pages.  Living in the country has its benefits, but there are some down sides too.

This is one of those videos that I just have to get done.  It takes a lot of space with all the clips and has also been intimidating.  I suppose it is, in part, one of the reasons for me not putting much out lately.  That, and I have been enjoying being out in the yard with the nice weather and occupying my time doing other things.  I have more footage to edit into other videos, so despite the fact that I am not shooting much now, there are enough clips in the bag to put together into a few more videos.

It feels weird looking back at things I have done months ago.  The story seemed so clear when I shot it, and now I have to rebuild that thread in my mind.  It presents a challenge, but the more I put it off, the harder it will become.  I have a goal to empty that folder with all the raw clips in.  I have other things I want to do and shoot, but life has just put other things in my path to enjoy at the moment.

This weekend is a long one.  Both here in Canada and in the USA.  So here is wishing everyone Happy Birthday to their respective countries.  I hope you enjoy the long weekend.  For everyone else, I hope you are enjoying the summer and time with the family.

 I guess it would be winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere, kind of hard to wrap my brain around that at times.  I guess I am just hoping well for you all.

So, I guess I felt like an update was due.  A new video will be out very soon, I hope you will enjoy it.  Until then....

Thanks for dropping by.

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