Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Slow progress

I am working on a box for my daughters birthday.  It is already a week over due.  It is a simple box, at least in concept, but I am struggling to get anywhere with it.  Sometimes things just do not go the way you think.  Being consumed with trying things over and over, and not getting anywhere has been an exercise in patience, which I am running out of.  I have walked away more than once to ruminate on how I am going to do a procedure.

All this of course, has been taking away time from other things.  Like editing video, doing yard work, cleaning the winter grime off the car, and so on.  Yesterday though, I buckled down and did a marathon of editing.  I don't really have a schedule for putting up videos, but I like having them come out fairly regularly.  I used up some old footage from the winter and put this one together.  Not a complicated build but good to keep my editing skills improving.

While I was at it, I did a second video.

One of the local public schools has a bunch of inexpensive guitars for their music program.  I have done some work on them over time and since school budgets are pretty slim, I do it free.  It is my way of paying it forward in my own small way.  This one had the strings buzzing at the first fret.  It is one of the ones that was shown in my neck jig video.  This is how I went about shimming up the nut to make that buzzing disappear.  The guitars the school has are not expensive, and usually bought used or have been donated.  It would cost more than the guitar is worth to bring them to a "pro" shop to be fixed, and I think that having music in school is important.  May as well have the kids exercising both hemispheres of their brains.  

So, back to the shop trying to get some sort of progress on this box.  It seems like I am all thumbs working on things.  Nothing to do about it but experiment, fail, and try again.

Thanks for dropping by!

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