Sunday, April 10, 2016

A couple more videos

I have not been working too hard, but I have done a little here and there.  I have been taking footage of it and it has been piling up as I have been lagging on getting the editing done.  So here are 2 new ones that I have just finished up.

The first one is for your guitar.  If you work on guitars, or even if you just change strings, this is a handy neck cradle to make the job go better.

The second video is from my Doc's Little docs series.  It shows how to easily improve on the humble pipe clamp, making it more versatile by extending its capacity.

I hope to get some more editing, and some more work done soon.

Life is weird in some ways.  I had a couple of things I have been wanting to do.  Including a birthday present for my daughter.  I am part way through that, but the weather has turned nasty and I did not feel like being out in the shop.  It looks like spring may actually try to make an appearance by the end of the week.

I was wondering what to do about getting some footage gathered up to make new videos, then last week the music teacher from one of the local public schools got hold of me with a couple of guitars that need work.  I had not even finished them and all of a sudden there were 3 more guitars in my home that need work.  Looks like I am going to have a bit of a run on guitar repair and maintenance for a while.  I am not a professional luthier, it is just a hobby that I have had for many years.  So, if you like guitars, you will want to stay tuned.  If not, please bear with me and I will be on to other things in due coarse.

Thanks for dropping by!

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