Sunday, September 27, 2015

It gets worse before it gets better

Hello again.

I have been a little busy for the past week.  After posting the Spidey box video, I did a bit of maintenance on one of my guitars.  I made a video of it which is uploading to You Tube as I write this.

When that was done, I figured it was as good of a time as any to get some storage built.  This first unit is going into the back left corner of the shop and I alluded to it in the shop tour video.

What? You haven't watched it?.....OK, go back in time on the blog and you will find it,  I will wait here while you do it.....................................

Done yet?.............OK

So, in order to build in that corner, I have to take everything out of it.  There is a lot of stuff crammed in there.  Including the sheet goods left over from the shop build that I will be using for the cabinet.

All this needed a new spot while I built, so I did a fine job of cluttering up the rest of the shop moving it.

Now, before I can build a cabinet onto the wall, the wall needs to be completed.  I went to the lumber store and picked up a couple of packs of Roxul insulation.

I put that into the wall cavities, going a bit farther than I needed to.  I will eventually get it all insulated, but this is the part I need done now.

After that the vapour barrier goes on.  I sealed the plastic to the bottom plate of the wall with some acoustic sealant caulking.

Then it was time to sheath the walls.  I used 7/16" OSB, left overs.  The rest of the walls will be done the same.  I will be able to hang things just about anywhere I want with this instead of drywall.

It's a good time to paint it now.  I put on 2 coats of latex.

I built a couple of shelf frames when that was done.  For this I just used some old 2 x 4's.  At least I am using up some stuff that has been lying around for a while.  I ripped the front and back rails, and the left side rail that will get screwed into the studs.

I then screwed it into place, attaching it to the side and back wall.  Using the height of the plastic tote that will go under there for reference and a level to make it, well, level.

I ripped another sheet of the OSB to the depth of the cabinet and, using a level again, screwed that to the side of the shelf frame.

I did the same thing at the top of the cabinet ( I am using the full 8' length of the wood) to get the basic shape.  From there I put some left over sheet goods, cut to size, on top of the frame, then loaded the shelf to get an idea of how high the next shelf should be.  This involved taking the window air conditioner out of the window in the house for the season.  Proof that there is more to the job than just the job itself.  Before long I had a good start on the project.

That brought us to the end of Friday.  On Saturday we went to Sally's parents place for lunch and generally took it easy.  I spent about an hour rearranging the stuff on the shelves so the things I use more often are handier and doing a bit of de-cluttering of the shop.  Today, being Sunday, is the day for the annual Cider Fest.  A small affair in town with very cool displays of old farm equipment, bake sales, and vendors.  I saw my friend there that I buy hand tools from and he had a table set up.  Of course I could not resist looking through everything and having a chat with him.  He has a few things I want back at his barn and I told him I would come visit in the spring.  I would like to get a Stanley #45 with a complete set of knives for it.  So that is in the plans.  What I did find today from him though was this:

An un-restored Record #78 shoulder/rebate plane.  I guess I have an idea for another video now, getting this little gem into shape.  I thought it was a good deal at $20.  It even has a second mouth opening in the front for the blade so it can be converted into a bull nose configuration.  Too cool.  It will someday be put back to the life it was made for in my shop.

So, that video of the guitar maintenance I mentioned....

I always need and am thankful for "thumbs up", "likes" and "shares" on the videos.  Not to mention subscribers.  I am trying to grow my channel a bit and it is things like these that show I am on the right track.

Well, that's it for now, as always...

Thanks for dropping by!

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