Monday, August 03, 2015

Off topic...Sheesh, what a day

This is a little digression from the shop build, but it is how I spent most of my day instead of working on the shop.

A couple of days ago Sally let her laptop upgrade to Windows 10.  After she did the upgrade, every time her computer was off for a while, it would not connect to our router and she had to use the Network Troubleshooter.  This told her a connection was loose and then proceeded to connect with no trouble.  Then she would get 3 error messages saying "There was a problem starting C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\System\Sysmenu.dll  The specified module could not be found"

So today I thought I would look around the interwebs and see if I could fix it.  A bit of searching and no results, so I went to the Microsoft website and looked for support.

Now you would think that clicking on "support" on a website would bring you to support, right?  Well not here it doesn't.  Around and around I went through the site, clicking and looking and having things bring me back to where I started and just being a general pain.  Finally I found support for mobile devices....not the right place, but at least it was a chat window with an actual person on the other end.  I told them what I was looking for and they took my phone number and shortly after the phone rang.  Hurrah! ...... Wait....... I picked up the phone and get an ad blasting in my ear about how great Windows 10, I am having troubles with it and I don't believe them....even after that ad cycles through again and again for an hour while I wait for a support person to answer.  Yes, at least an hour.  While that was going on I was on a chat with Hewlitt-Packard for another issue, which I found the problem was they have no Win 10 driver for the SMSC infrared something or other, so that will be a future download.

Finally I get a service rep on the phone and she talks me through how to set up remote assistance where she takes control of the computer from where she is.  It took a few re-boots, a bunch of diagnostic programs she put on and ran and a couple of hours later Windows 10 is chooching along nice.

After all that time with the phone on my ear and my eyes glued to the screen and following instructions, I have a headache and am worn out.  I had some trouble following along with the ladies' accent, but she was very nice, and very professional, and I was impressed.  Mind you, being on the phone/chat/computer screen that long made me a bit punchy, so my comprehension skills were not at their greatest by that time.

So, that is how my day was wasted.  I am not bashing Windows 10, some of it seems nice so far, some of it is intrusive and when it installed I made sure WIFI sense was off so it didn't send out our encrypted password to all the hundreds of people that Sally games with on Facebook etc.  I also turned off Cortana, which I hear gathers information on you and uses it to guide your advertising and who knows what else.  I don't think there is a media player and even solitaire needs you to log into your Microsoft account.  I must say that the part I found most frustrating was trying to find support in the first place.  The support lady that handled my problem gave me 2 phone numbers if I have to get hold of them again, and as a bit of a public service, here they are: 1-800-936-5700 and 1-800-642-7676.  I don't know what countries that will work in.  I am in Canada, so it will work there at least.

Wow, what a fun day that was!

Yesterday I got the second coat of stain on my trim.  It will need some more when I cut it to length, and likely some touch ups too, but the "show" side and edge are done.  It takes up a lot of room in the shop.  Just for kicks, here is a couple of pictures of some wood that has been stained "Loon Collar Green" in my shop.

Getting close to the outside being done, but I won't be doing it today.  I need to rest up from my Microsoft experience.

Thanks for dropping by!

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