Friday, August 04, 2017

Busy times

Summer time and the living is not exactly easy.  I have been really busy wearing myself out.  I have not had the time or ambition to do any video editing or posting.  I have been taking some video and just uploading it to the computer, so when I have time I will get around to publishing it.  There has been new skirting put on the home and I am in the process of building a deck/landing in front of the patio door.  The wife has been asking for one for a couple of years now, so it is time to get it done.  We scrimped and saved up enough money to get the material and the process is under way now.

We are going to get a new neighbour.  There is a new home being put in just down, and across the street from us.  I did take the time to get a couple minutes of video and publish that.  It shows a new (to me) way of installing the frost line footers.  Much easier than a shovel, and safer than an auger.

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