Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Tool Chest Pt 4 Done!

I got through the process of cutting the bottoms of the drawers and finally getting them assembled.  Then it is on to installing the fronts.  Then I make the handles and put them on and get everything finished.  I even make some organisers for it too.

I finally run into footage from the new camera on this one.  Oh, I didn't post on that did I?  Well, I sold my old Nikon D50.  It did not take video, so I have been using my wife's Canon S100 pocket sized point and shoot up until now.  I added $25 to what I got for the Nikon and purchased a Lumix FZ 150 from a guy I used to work with.  It is a learning curve!  Lots of features to learn.  On top of that, Lightworks, my editing software, went through a major upgrade.  I am now learning that too.  It operates a bit differently, and now I find I spend more time editing as I am doing more things.  Things like colour correction that you wouldn't notice because it now looks a bit more natural.  I am having fun learning it.

In other news, Seamus, my new grandson, is doing fine from what I hear.  It will be a while yet before I can make it down to see him.  Like all babies, he is really cute.

So, on to the video on the completion of the tool chest build.

Thanks for dropping by!

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