Monday, September 12, 2016

Cooler weather finally

The heat and humidity has finally gone with August.  Temperatures have finally gotten to the point that moving around is more comfortable.  This means summer is passing and we have started to take the pool down, but it also means a bit more time in the shop.

I have a few videos on the go.  One is a birthday gift, so it is on hold for editing and releasing, but I should have another come out near the weekend.  Last January, for Sally's birthday, I promised her a coffee table.  Last May I went and got some nice thick ash slabs for it.  I have started the build on that and I am keeping the camera rolling.  This will probably turn out to be another multi part build, so stay tuned for that.  The slabs have sat in the shop all summer waiting for this.  They are a full 2" thick, so it will be a heavy unit.

It is taking a lot of milling and working to get what I want, but the top is pretty much together.  The slabs were all consecutively cut, so I got a bookmatch on the top.  I joined them up with the sapwood in the middle, so I get a nice colour variation through it.

Yes, it may look the size of a cutting board, but it is 24" wide.  At almost 2" thick, you can see where the weight is coming from.  I am calling it the Winfield Fade, after noted hot rod builder Gend Winfield, who was famous for much the same look on many of the cars he built.  Just Google him and check out some of his cars.

I liked the look so much, I carried it into the leg slabs for continuity.  Here, they are still in rough dimensions, laying beside the top.

So, trying to keep some pleasing proportions, the top is 24" wide and will be 24" off the floor.  One of Sally's specifications is that it be a little tall as we use the coffee table for our laptops.  The legs are 12" wide, and the feet that they will be mortised into will have a width of 18" (which are roughed out, mortised, and glued up today, alas, no photo).  There will be no bottom stretcher, as Sally wants the dog to be able to walk under it (like that will ever happen).

She has some foibles, that is for sure, but she has our heart too.  She won't even walk across the part of the rug that covers a heat register.  

So things are going on around here and I have been busy enough.  I don't take time to blog much except when I release a video, but I thought it was about time to give you all an update with some photos the way I used to do.  I hope you enjoy following along, there will be more videos in the future, so hang in there and see some of the neat things that are going on around here.  In the meantime, as always.....

Thanks for dropping by!

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