Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finally, I got around to some editing

Yes, it is true.  I have been lax on getting videos edited and put up.  I have an ever increasing amount of footage to go through and had to cut that pile down a bit.  It gets a bit intimidating at times when you see how many files there are.

This job was a bit of a head scratcher.  Tracking down a buzz and figuring out how to fix it.  The school is pretty happy with the work, so all is OK.

No, I am not changing my format to a guitar repair channel.  I will leave that to more experienced folks.  It just turned out that I had a bunch of guitars come in that needed (and some still waiting) work.  I just try to get footage of what I am doing and put it together in some sort of story.  I usually don't know what I am going to do next.

 I do have a coffee table build coming up in the future, but that will be a while.  I went to meet a guy from a forum I belong to and a few of us went to a wood mill.  I ended up getting 3 nice slabs of ash and they are sitting in the shop right now.  It will take a few weeks to dry a bit more and get stable enough to work on, so that is on the "to do" list.  They are all sequentially cut 8/4 slabs about 20" wide and 53" long.  A little too narrow for what my wife wants in a coffee table, so I think there will be a book match going into it.  They are also a bit big for my machinery.  That means a bit of hand tool work will be involved.

In the mean time, I will try to get more editing done and keep shooting more.  Some short, some long.  Just like real life!  There are jobs lined up and ready to go, and film in the can ready to edit.  I just have to get my rear end in gear and get it done.

So, here is the latest for you...

Thanks for dropping by.

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